We all Scream for Ice Cream

One of the perks of living in our current apartment is that basic cable is included with the rent. What that means is that Mindy spends a considerable amount of time watching her favorite channel – the Food Network. While watching during her lunch break one day last week, she saw how easily home-made ice cream could be made. The best part of the recipe was that an ice cream maker wasn’t required!

The recipe seen on television was for butter pecan, which happens to be Erick’s favorite flavor. Using the same process, however, it wasn’t difficult to improvise a recipe for mint chocolate chip (the preferred flavor for both Ligeia and Mindy).

So Mindy bought the required ice cream salt and using some basic household items (a big tupperware container, ice cubes and a ziploc bag), began an ice cream adventure!

Here’s proof that the recipe was successful! There’s still room for improvement, though, so before this particular recipe gets added to the list of favorites, Mindy will have to practice it a bit more. Hmmm… I wonder what flavors are up next 🙂

Hope everyone’s doing well, and we’ll write again soon!
Mindy & Ligeia 🙂 🙂

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