Being Vegan in Poland

As our train crossed the Oder River and we noticed that signs had changed from German to Polish, our excitement and anticipation of Polish adventures were rejuvenated. It had been nearly a decade since we had been there and I was looking forward to visiting familiar places that would remind me of “back then” as well as exploring […]

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Exploring the Spreewald in Germany

As the East German buildings became more interspersed and the lush greenery started to take over, my shoulders dropped and I began to relax. When I spotted cows outside the train window I became more and more excited about our weekend in the Spreewald, nicknamed the Venice of Germany, which seemed to be the perfect antidote […]

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Apple Tasting in Dummerston, Vermont

As Izekiel Goodband spoke about various varieties of heirloom apples in a tightly packed room full of people eager for apple knowledge and apple tasting, I couldn’t help but compare this event to wine tasting at say a Napa Valley vineyard. An understanding of (or the lack thereof) a specialized vocabulary very quickly set apart those in the […]

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Picking Berries for Megan in Ireland

Megan wasn’t feeling well and so had been staying in the house for the previous few days. Cabin fever set in as she missed the outdoors and all that it had to offer: the sunshine, her friends and berries. Mindy and I had become fond of Megan; after all, she was the very first resident […]

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Winnifred Beach, Jamaica

Winnifred Beach in Jamaica’s Portland Parish (northeast) has a very special vibe to it, unlike any other beach we’ve ever visited. It was lively, had ample shade and was filled with welcoming locals. After we scraped the car once, we decided it was best to park our small rental car and walk the rest of […]

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Vegan in Ireland

Being Vegan in Ireland

Food isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind upon the mention of Ireland and even if you do think of traditional Irish food, it usually comes to mind only after images of lush green countryside, James Joyce and perhaps even Guinness. As vegans, however, food is one of the first things we consider when […]

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Being Vegan in Jamaica

Armed with a healthy supply of Cliff Bars, two big bottles of water and a map of Jamaica, we stepped out of the Montego Bay airport. We quickly realized that being vegan in Jamaica would be fairly easy. Happy Cow, our go-to website for locating vegan restaurants around the world, informed us of dozens of […]

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Taza Chocolate Factory Tour - Featured

TAZA Chocolate Factory Tour

Led by our GPS, we turn down a street that we believe had no business making chocolate. This industrial area of Somerville, with active construction zones, doesn’t match the idea in my head of what a chocolate factory should look like. But, we continue through our trepidation. The GPS exclaims that we’ve found our destination, […]

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Livestock Auction - Featured

Empire Livestock Auction in Bath, New York

In order to educate myself on the meat and dairy industries, I decided to visit a stockyard, where animals are routinely auctioned off to the highest bidder. I wanted to see what kind of animals come through the auction, what kind of treatment they receive and what type(s) of people attend such auctions. I chose […]

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Vegan Friendly Countries - Featured

The Most Vegan-Friendly Countries We Have Visited

Our wanderlust has taken us all over the world and although we have never regretted visiting any country, there are some countries in which it is easier to be vegan than others. But this doesn’t mean that we would have traded our experiences on the high Tibetan plateau or the rice terraces of Banaue, Philippines simply […]

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Vegan in Finland - Featured

Vegan in Finland by Jenni Pasanen

Editor’s Note: We met Jenni at Juicy 4 You vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Not only has Jenni been a vegan for over 20 years, but she also writes about food. She is from Finland but enjoys spending most of her time abroad (Thailand in particular) and has been writing a vegan travel blog in Finnish […]

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Visiting a Slaughterhouse - Featured

Standing Vigil at the Conestoga Slaughterhouse

We drove through beautiful wheat fields set to the backdrop of deciduous trees showing off their flashy fall foliage. It would have been simply a lovely ride in the country if we didn’t know where we were going. I had never been to a slaughterhouse before and was a little nervous but felt that our anxiety […]

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Toronto Skyline

Being Vegan in Toronto

We had lived in Toronto for over five years as vegetarians and had no trouble finding ingredients to cook at home or vegetarian options when eating out. But, during our 2.5 year stint in Thailand, we had become vegan and wondered how we would fare in this city as vegans. So, we were delighted to come […]

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Phuket Vegetarian Festival - Featured

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

To the unprepared visitor arriving to Phuket during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar might be a bit jarring. With fire crackers, gods, trances and cheek impalement it can be easy to forget about the food. Not only is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival unlike any other food festival worldwide, it is also one of the most […]

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Vegan in Taipei - Featured

Being Vegan in Taipei

I was delightfully surprised at how easy it was to be a vegan in Taipei. From street food options to a full-fledged vegan supermarket veganism was not only understood but, possibly due to the prevalence of Buddhism in Taiwan, also respected. On numerous occasions I dined with Buddhist monks, who shared my compassion for all living beings. Restaurants […]

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Vegan in England - Featured

Being Vegan in England by Dee Fancett

Editor’s Note:  We met Dee at a vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Dee is originally from London, England but has lived in Chiang Mai for several years. Her fifteen years of being vegan certainly makes her an expert on the subject and helps her to sniff out the vegan options at any location. […]

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Mint Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream - Featured

Mint Chocolate Brownie Vegan Ice Cream

When we decided to become vegan, the prospect of life without ice cream was definitely a sad one. Although it took about a year and a half to finally find a vegan ice cream recipe creamy enough to satisfy our cravings, the wait was most certainly worth it! If you’re lucky to have an ice cream […]

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