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Purity Ice Cream has been serving ice-cream since 1936 and even have an old-fashioned ice-cream maker in their restaurant to prove it. While exploring the Finger Lakes region of New York state, be sure to plan a visit to Purity’s ice cream to sample an array of deliciousness off their vegan menu. Located at the corner of Meadow Street (Rte 13) and Cascadila Street in Ithaca, Purity Ice Cream is open every night until 10pm and 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Purity Ice-cream


Purity has the atmosphere of an old creamery with high ceilings and a large brightly-lit open space that is a perfect place to sit and enjoy delicious ice-cream whether on a romantic date, out with your family or hanging out with friends. Friendly customer service gives Purity that small-town diner feel.

Person ordering ice-cream

Purity Ice Cream Parlor

The Owners

Purity Ice Cream has always held a special place in Heather and Bruce’s hearts with virtually ever date ending with a cone or cup of Purity’s deliciousness. The parlor was synonymous with terrific memories for the couple, including Bruce’s marriage proposal, so it was only fitting that the couple pursue buying Purity from the original owner’s granddaughter, which they did in 1998.

Vegan Menu

While our number one reason for visiting Purity Ice Cream was to sample their vegan ice cream, it turns out that their vegan menu includes so much more. From cupcakes to sorbet, there is something for everyone! The owners shared with us that they are very excited about adding vegan pancakes to their weekend breakfast menu starting at the end of March 2015 – yet another reason to add Purity to your Finger Lakes itinerary.

All the vegan ice cream at Purity comes from a Chicago company and is made from soy. I was also reassured that the cones were also vegan with the exception of the chocolate-dipped ones. After some contemplation and a recommendation from the wait staff, I settled on one scoop of mint chocolate and one scoop of triple threat in a waffle cone. I was more than satisfied with both!

Ligeia with an ice-cream cone

Couldn’t resist the vegan ice-cream even in the cold winter!

Service and Prices

We received very friendly service at the counter, where the smiling server, who seemed to match our excitement about so many vegan ice-cream options, was more than happy to help us navigate the menu by giving recommendations. We found the prices to be reasonable and seemed to match similar establishments.

Vegan Menu

Vegan ice-cream, shakes and sundaes!

What ice cream flavor would you try first?

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  1. victor

    This is so excellent!! Times are changing. We need to take care of our environment and health. This is great news. Go PURITY!

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