Trip to Hernando Beach, Florida

Well, actually folks, it wasn’t really a beach. The town of Hernando Beach lies in Hernando County, about 1.5 hours away from us in Tampa. Like many areas in Florida, wetlands dominate the landscape, or at least used to dominate the landscape. Now, anywhere there’s a solid piece of ground, developers want to build houses and people are paying exhorbitant prices to live in them. In most places, you hear the phrase, “And just a couple years ago, this used to be all farm-land, and now look at it! Surburbia!”. Now, imagine surburbia thriving in the wetlands… is it hard to imagine that? Here, let me help:

You can see how beautiful the backyard concrete is, and how it adds to the wonderful scenery and wildlife!

Here, you can’t help but be reminded of Venice. Streets of water, isn’t it great?

Yet another example of how much better surburbia is, than the tranquility of nature!

This is what’s happening all over Florida. The nice weather brings people from all over North America. The number of these Snowbirds has been increasing dramatically over the past few years. Developers here love it! So do the construction workers. The animals that are losing their homes don’t. The water being polluted by boats, sewage spills, chemical dumping and lack of recycling isn’t doing well. The next step of development has begun – Florida wants to start building homes in areas designated as the Everglades. WHY??? Remember, Florida is commonly hit with major hurricanes, causing billions of dollars in damage. Housing costs, insurance costs and environmental costs are rising through the roof!

The weather is nice down here, but I would much rather spend a million winters in the cold, so that I could have a clean glass of water to drink, and experience scenic beauty when I want it.

Thanks for listening!
Mindy 🙂

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