Elephant Kraal in Ayuthaya, Thailand

Elephant Kraal in Ayuthaya

On my last morning I took a final look at the map of Ayuthaya that the guesthouse gave me when I noticed a small cartoon-drawn elephant with the label “Elephant Kraal” in the top right corner of the page. With a piqued interest, I looked into this further and discovered that this was the last […]

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Day Trip to Ayuthaya

I traveled from the monkey town of Lopburi to Ayuthaya via a one hour train ride, which took us through gorgeous scenery of lush green fields with a backdrop of not-so distant mountains, whose color was ever changing due to the setting sun. ┬áThe train itself was rather unlike the upscale Special Express train I […]

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Northbound Train from Bangkok

Special Express Train From Bangkok to Lopburi

Leaving Bangkok, heading northbound, the two hour bouncy train ride starts by taking you through small neighborhoods. With make-shift houses, made of pieces of grooved metal and occasional slabs of wood, built almost on top of the tracks, my eyes had plenty to focus on. I particularly liked a colorfully-painted library train, permanently stationed on […]

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