Sushi Love – Vegan Food Truck in Portland, Oregon

Sushi Love Vegan - Featured

Located at 2623 SE Belmont Street in Portland, Oregon, Sushi Love Food Truck serves up delicious cruelty-free sushi in a casual setting. Whether for a small bite or a full meal, Sushi Love will satisfy your sushi craving.

Sushi Love Vegan - Featured


Sushi Love is a freshly-painted bright green food truck with tables and chairs in front where hungry customers can enjoy their meal outside. The dining area is under a white cover providing protection from the sun.

Sushi Love Vegan - Food Cart

Bright green Sushi Love Food Truck

The Owner

Kelly McCormick opened Sushi Love in August 2014. He is also the chef in this one-man operation and, lucky for the patrons, is professionally trained in preparing sushi. He became vegan after concern over the fishing practices in the sushi industry and well as the realization that meat and dairy is not sustainable.

Sushi Love Vegan - Owner Kelly

Kelly McComick – owner and sushi chef


Sushi Love’s menu consists of a variety of unique Uramaki (specialty rolls) and Temaki (hand rolls). Mindy tried the tiki torch roll, which is a sweet, sour and spicy roll featuring pineapple. I ordered Sushi Love’s bok bok roll, made of braised tofu, pickled carrots, cucumber and the vibrant herbs Thai basil and cilantro. We shared a serving of starry inari, which is fried tofu pouches stuffed with rice and vegetables topped with a signature sauce.

Sushi Love Vegan - Tiki Torch Roll

Tiki Torch Roll

We were amazed at the variety of flavors and textures wrapped up in each roll. We delighted in savoring each bite.

Sushi Love Vegan - Bok Bok Roll

Bok Bok Roll

Service and Prices

Sushi Love is a food cart and as such, customers are responsible for ordering at the window as well as picking up their food after it has been prepared. The chef was very friendly and because he created his own menu, would be happy to answer any question about any meal as well as make recommendations. Kelly has deemed Sundays happy-hour so all rolls are $1 off all day long.

Sushi Love Vegan - Starry Inari

Starry Inari

The prices accurately reflect the quality of the ingredients as well as the care and knowledge that goes into preparing such good food. The next time we find ourselves in the Portland area, we will be sure to make a stop at Sushi Love.

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