Sunset in Toronto

Hello everyone, Mindy and Ligeia went to watch the sunset last night at Leslie Street Spit. It was a nice short hike in and the same out, with lots of birds and bicycles along the way.

We saw a swan, several ducks and several Canadian geese, as well as a loon and many smaller birds. The neatest thing we saw though was a beaver swimming towards this floating structure. Doesn’t it look like really large cigarette butts are on top of it? I have no idea as what they actually are.

The photographers in us really enjoyed the evening and would recommend it to everyone.

We hope everyone is out doing fun things,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

3 thoughts on “Sunset in Toronto

  1. Anonymous

    Hi. I found your blog when searching my name, Ligeia 🙂 I was curious as to how Ligeia pronounces her name? I go with Lie-gee-uh. Pleasure to meet a fellow Lady Ligeia.

  2. Ligeia and Mindy

    Hello Ligeia,
    it seems that I pronounce my name the exact same way. My dad was a big Edgar Allen Poe fan and that's where I got the name. Did you get your name the same way or is it from Greek mythology?
    Wow, how exciting!
    Feel free to write me here:
    ligeiasmith – at –
    (did it this way to avoid spam)
    ligeia 🙂

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