We’ve Started a Blog!

Hey everyone! So, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and decided to start one of those blogs. We thought it would be an excellent way to keep you all up-to-date on what’s been going on with us.

We’re in Florida now, setting up shop in Tampa. We’re staying with Ligeia’s best friend, Erick, who is quickly becoming one of my best friend’s too! It was Erick who talked to his boss and got me a job working with him. It’s wonderful! Ligeia has some great leads for jobs that sound very interesting, so our fingers are crossed!

When we’re not focused on employment, we’re busy putting together everything we need for Ligeia’s application to become a permanent resident in Canada. This is proving to be extremely frustrating and both physically and mentally draining. Thank you for everyone that has written letters for us – it helps us so much!

We’ve also been busy thinking about our wedding. September is still a ways off, but I have a feeling it’s going to come alot more quickly than I expect. Caterers and invitations are what we’re researching at the moment. If you know of any caterers in the niagara falls region or places to order invitations from, by all means, let us know! 🙂

We hope to get some of our pictures up soon, but the internet connection is EXTREMELY slow! We’re lucky that someone in the neighborhood (I spelled it wrong because I’m being Americanized!) has a wireless connection and we’re tapping into it! So, uploading pictures seems to last forever!

Hmmm… at the moment, that’s all I can think of that’s new with us. We’ll try to be good and post messages often. So, check back regularly!

Lots of love,
Mindy (and Ligeia)

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