Settling In

Mindy and Ligeia have been slowly getting used to their new apartment and area. This is what the front of our apartment looks like. Some of you will recognize the familiar mat from Mindy’s 30th birthday:

This is our kitchen with one of those newer stoves which we’re still getting used to. Mindy has already made some really yummy meals here:

This is where we spend much of time…in the Florida room (a screened in porch). It’s also where Erick’s pets Cheech and Chong live. They are two Chinese water dragons and have been featured on our blog before:

Yesterday we went to a local flea market where they have all kinds of stuff. We particularly enjoyed looking at, learning about and tasting new produce. This, for example, is a cactus fruit. It tastes really yummy:

Just behind our building is a little pond where we’ve seen a huge bird of some sort with its wings spread eagle trying to dry itself off, a turtle swimming and lots of froggies, especially after it rains.
It’s easy to just walk right by without noticing.

But if you look more closely, you can see neat things like the prettiest little frog:

There are little lizards such as this one all over. You can’t walk down the street without seeing them run across the sidewalk in front of you or in a nearby bush:

With each day, we learn something new about the area and it’s starting to feel like home.
Lots of love,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

One thought on “Settling In

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Ligeia and Mindy,
    good to see were you live and all looks quite nice – a good place to settle!
    So all the best wishes for your new beginning.
    Love from Oma 🙂 and Opa 🙁

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