Our Toronto Bucket List

Hello everyone,

As many of you know Mindy and Ligeia are planning to move away from the Toronto area. We’re not sure if it will be way up north or down south but we need to vacate our apartment on or before September 1st. We’ve decided to make a bucket list of the things we’d like to do before leaving the Toronto area. The list can include things that we really enjoyed and would like to do again before going or things that we never got around to doing that we had wanted to. At any rate, here is our current list in no particular order:
1) sleep on our balcony
2) go to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
3) swim in Lake Ontario
4) go to Airport Road and watch the planes land
5) go to High Park
6) go see the sunset (or sunrise) at Leslie Street Spit
7) go to Marilyn Bell park
8) go to Cheltenham Badlands

If you have any ideas or suggestions to add to this list, please post them in the comment section. To avoid having to sign up for a Google account, just click on anonymous and leave it that way. We are open to all recommendations!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

4 thoughts on “Our Toronto Bucket List

  1. Ligeia and Mindy

    Oooh that's a good one. We'll have to add it to the list…as well as getting arrested, spending the night in a Toronto jail and going to court. 🙂

    ligeia and mindy

    ps. Sure sounds like fun though. 🙂

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