Mindy and Ligeia have started a Grandma ofrenda each year for the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. This year Erick joined in too and we all made food for our respective grandparents. We ate each food item and talked or heard a bit about that person and memories. It was a really moving evening and we hope our grandparents liked the offering in their honor.

Here is our spread:

Lots of love to everyone,
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

3 thoughts on “Ofrenda

  1. Jewel :)

    THAT is a really cool concept! I love it! I don't really know what my grandparents would have liked… fish for my pappa, maybe cookies for my nan… rye or a manhattan for my grandpa and… hmmm… no idea for my gramma, but whatever it would have been wouldn't be nearly as good as if she had made it herself! She was an incredible cook. Joel never met his grandfathers, but one of his grandmothers is still with us – I'll have to find out what she likes!!
    I miss my gramma so, so much every day – we were very close. I like the idea of having something to honour her with. 🙂

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