Made it to Baltimore!!!

Hello Everyone!

Well, we finally made it! Mapquest said it would take 926 miles (1570 kms) to get from Tampa to Baltimore – estimated travel time was 15 hours 8 minutes. Being just a little heavier on the gas, we were making great time when we started seeing signs for Washington – we were going to miss the daily rush-hour traffic and make it to Baltimore in about 14 hours! But, then we saw a traffic warning on the side of the road: “All lanes closed. All traffic to Exit 104”. Now, imagine… 3 lanes of medium flow traffic needing to merge off. The signs gave us ample warning to merge into the rightmost lane (which we did, and maybe 2% of others did). But, it was the PIGS and IDIOTS and SELFISH people who continued driving in the middle and left lanes that pissed me off. It didn’t piss Ligeia off as much, because she decided to get out and walk – going a heck of a lot faster than the bunch of us! All in all, it took me 2 hours to get from mile marker 102 to mile marker 104 – that’s right – 2 miles in two hours… in the heat… after 12 hours of driving… after 3 hours of sleep… thank goodness i didn’t need to pee! If that wasn’t bad enough, overflow traffic went everywhere, and our wonderful trip ended up taking 18.5 hours! Our car, Mimi, continues to complain about it! 🙁

so, this is what we saw for a couple of hours…

…and for another couple of hours…

…and then finally – what Heaven looks like 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well! And we’ll post again soon 🙂
Mindy (and Ligeia) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Made it to Baltimore!!!

  1. Julie

    Hey there, sounds like you guys had a fun time driving to Baltimore. We ran into a similar traffic situation last year on the 400 and it took us over 2 hrs to get to the next off ramp. It really annoyed my sister when the cars used the shoulder to pass everyone else that was waiting patiently in line for the exit. She ended up getting quite violent and threatened every car that passed….eventually the large truck in front of us decided to do everyone a favour and block the shoulder and it started a huge riot…but who is going to fight with a trucker? no one! So in the end, and over 2 hours later…we made it from Molson Park…to the Innisfil ramp (yup…15 minutes from home). So I think its funny that you took a pic…cause we have ones similar….and we took a video of the cars trying to fight with this big truck..anyways….it was a pain but it was also funny as hell. Hope your travels home to Canada work out better. Can’t wait to visit with ya….take care 🙂

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