Loving Hut – Jarkarta, Indonesia

Loving Hut - Jakarta, Indonesia - Featured

Loving Hut - Jakarta, Indonesia - FeaturedThe Loving Hut is a chain of vegan restaurants with franchises located around the globe. Surprisingly, despite all of our travels, we only first came across their locations while on our month-long vacation in Indonesia.

In total, we dined at three of their locations, including Yogyakarta, Denpasar and our favorite in Jakarta.

Loving Hut - Jakarta, Indonesia - Steak

Delicious “Steak” with sides

Located on the top floor of the Semanggi Plaza in Indonesia’s capital, The Loving Hut in Jarkarta offers seemingly endless choices of both Western and Asian dishes, tantalizing appetizers and mouth-watering desserts.

Loving Hut - Jakarta, Indonesia - Fried Eggplant

Appetizer – Fried Eggplant

The cafeteria-style dining area, with pro-vegetarian posters lining its walls, is a great fit for a restaurant in a mall. The Loving Hut’s motto of “Go Green. Be Veg. Save the Planet” is not only proven by their vegan menu, but also in their eco-friendly take-away packaging make of cardboard and banana leaves.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and take-home dinner from The Loving Hut in Jakarta. Our only regret is that we were too full to try the banana split for dessert. Next time!

Loving Hut - Jakarta, Indonesia - Dessert

The banana split will have to wait!

2 thoughts on “Loving Hut – Jarkarta, Indonesia

  1. Dale

    The only Loving Hut I’ve been to was the one in Hamburg last year and it looks like they’re cooking the same great dishes, and as a vegetarian, it’s really a fantastic thing to find these places in many countries. I should probably check to see if there’s one nearby right now!

    1. Mindy & Ligeia

      Hi Dale,
      I know what you mean about the comfort and convenience of finding a vegan restaurant when traveling. Just being able to relax and now have to ask what’s in everything and worry that fish sauce will be added etc etc. We plan to look up the Loving Hut everywhere we travel now. So glad to hear that there is one in Hamburg. That is a moin moin indeed. 😉

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