Ligeia’s Weekend in Tampa

Ligeia went to Tampa over the weekend to visit Erick. The sunny warm weather was a nice break from the cold wet winter weather Toronto has been experiencing. Because the trip was so short, Erick and Ligeia maximized their time.

Saturday they went to the Flan Festival in historic Ybor City…

…where they tasted lots of different kinds of flan and saw cigars getting made…

…as well as watched flamenco dancing.

They walked around the streets of Ybor City and on their way back to the car they came across the Tampa Zoo promoting themselves by using this cute opossum:

They went for a walk in the park to visit Vivace.

Here’s Erick walking ahead.

On Sunday Erick and Ligeia went to Clearwater beach where they enjoyed a speedboat ride. Dolphins jumped out of the water in the wake of the boat. It was fantastic to watch.

In the afternoon they made their way over to St. Pete Beach.

When not out and about, Erick and Ligeia enjoyed watching TV and movies and eating yummy Mexican food. Thanks Erick, Cheech and Chong for a wonderful weekend.
Ligeia 🙂

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