Ligeia’s Visit in Florida

On the way back from Belize, Ligeia stayed in Tampa/Clearwater for a week, visiting Erick. The first day, they went to Honeymoon Island State Park and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the great weather:

Ligeia spent much of the time relaxing and watching American TV. On the weekend though, Erick and Ligeia went to Brooker Creek Preserve and did a short hike. The richness of the green was beautiful:

Ligeia is a particular fan of Spanish moss, of which there was plenty:

Erick and Ligeia were both amazed that there was a green trail. So often the trails are comprised of a dirt floor.

They saw many animals while there, including all kinds of birds, including woodpeckers that looked just like Woody. There were also so many butterflies all around:

Much to Ligeia’s delight there was also a large variety of lizards. Here is a skink with a beautiful blue belly:

They felt lucky to spot an armadillo too:

And on the way out of the park, they came upon this gorgeous scene:

At the flea market later, Erick bought this great hat. Looks good on him doesn’t it?

The final morning of Ligeia’s visit, the two of them went to a nearby park…

…which was had ample wildlife:

Erick surprised Ligeia on her last day by leaving work early to go see the sunset at Clearwater Beach:

And finally, this is Cheech and Chong, Erick’s cute little water dragons. It was great to spend the week with them…

Ligeia’s job begins on July 5th so we’ll be in Toronto for awhile.
Hope all is well with everyone and you’re enjoying the summer,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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