Ligeia’s Trip to Lake Embden, Maine

Lake Embden near Bingham, Maine

Ligeia hadn’t seen her grandmother in 20 years and hadn’t been back to Maine since then either. She already got excited just flying into Portland. Such a cute little light house.

Ligeia’s Grammie is doing just fine.

Ligeia awoke to this picturesque view of Lake Embden. Isn’t it beautiful.

This is the Kennebec River.

It was an emotional trip for Ligeia as she had so many memories of the place as a child. She was also lucky enough to be there at the same time as her long-lost playmates as a child, the Henderson’s. They’re all grown up now too. We talked just like old times. It was fantastic!!!!

Here is the Thompson’s restaurant, established in 1924 and where Ligeia and her family used to go in the summers.

She even found remnants of a former tree house she and her dad built in her childhood.

And just to leave you with another beautiful view of Lake Embden. It really makes the expression true: “Maine, the way life should be”.
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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Ligeia! It was a wonderful surprise to see you at Lake Embden and catch up! We enjoyed hearing all about your exciting life and hope to see you again at Thanksgiving and maybe even meet Mindy!

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