Ligeia’s Parents’ Visit Toronto

Ligeia’s parents flew up to celebrate her graduation. The visit began with a picnic at Willow Pond in the Botanical Gardens, right where Mindy and Ligeia got married.

During our picnic, we saw lots of Canadian geese and many goslings:

The second day of their trip, was Ligeia’s convocation. Please see previous post for details.
While going to the St. Lawrence market, which my parents really loved, we saw this on the way back to the car:

The last day, we went to Niagara Falls on the way back to the Buffalo airport. We enjoyed a picnic with all organic food that we had bought at the St. Lawrence market, including fiddleheads.

We enjoyed the falls:

And a rainbow appeared:

We saw this great view of Toronto on the drive home from Buffalo:

We hope everyone is having a great summer,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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