Kuala Lumpur – Day Two: Bird Park

Sleeping in was the way we began our day. Without a window in our hotel room, it’s very dark making it an ideal place to sleep but it also means that we have no idea what type of weather to expect when leaving the hotel. This morning we were met by rain. Hungry and not willing to spend the day in our hotel, we ventured out anyway.

The first thing we noticed was how slippery the sidewalks are when wet. We looked and felt like we were walking around in Toronto in the winter time (minus the humidity and heat). We found an Indian restaurant filled with Indians, where we ate a breakfast of masala dosas and the best dal we’ve ever had. Yummy!

We continued on to the Bird Park, which claims to be the world’s largest free flying aviary:

Inside, as promised we saw many different species of birds and so many with vibrant colors:

We were given the opportunity to feed some of the them:

After leaving the Bird Park we walked back to the hotel, regrouped and took the subway to the Thai embassy to pick up our awaiting Thai visas. They look beautiful in our passports:In the evening, we walked through Little India and somehow ended up back at our hotel without realizing it. We found another vegetarian Indian restaurant and had some dinner. Determined to getting shots of the Petronas Twin Towers, we walked…and walked…and walked…and walked some more to see them head on with the sky walk in between. We ended up in a Muslim neighborhood near a mosque that recited what sounded like a prayer (we heard the word Allah a lot). Given that it is Ramadan, the neighborhood was not surprisingly full of people eating in restaurants and buying food from various stalls. And we finally got our shot of the towers:

Not wanting to walk all the way back home, we opted for public transit which included a monorail and a subway to get back to our hotel.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure.
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

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