Herbivore: Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore - Featured

Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore - Featured

We almost didn’t go into Herbivore Restaurant after eyeballing the extensive menu outside with brightly colored pictures of what looked like raw fish. Thankfully, a waitress invited us in, giving assurance that this indeed was a vegetarian restaurant despite the very convincing photographs to the contrary. I’m so glad we accepted her offer as our dinner at the Herbivore turned out to be a fantastic dining experience.

Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore - Bento Box

Bento Box


Located on the first floor of the Fortune Center, which is filled with vegetarian and vegan restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines from Singaporean to Western to Middle Eastern to name a few, Herbivore stands out as a classy, full-service restaurant serving up quality Japanese food.


The atmosphere was cozy and a bit on the dark side, with the decor made of dark features. It was surprisingly quiet despite the tables being so close together. Perhaps, however, this was reflective of the time of day (weekend evening).


The menu consisted of a variety of colorful dishes, including platters, salads, noodle dishes, rice dishes, sashimi and sushi. The Herbivore did an unbelievable job in replicating tuna, squid and eel sashimi, so much so that it played tricks with my mind, but they were made of beans.

Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore - Sashimi

Can you believe it’s vegan?!

The variety platters were a great option for the first visit as we were able to sample so many different dishes. I also enjoyed the cold somen noodles.

Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore - Somen Noodles

Somen Noodles


The wait staff understood veganism, making it easy to omit certain aspects of a dish or make a substitution. The standard is to add mayonnaise to the top of sushi rolls so if you are vegan be sure to ask for this to be left off.

Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore - Sushi Roll

Sushi Roll – No Mayo Please!

Prices and Service

The prices reflected the quality of the ingredients as well as the careful preparation of many intricate dishes. The service was efficient and the waitresses were very courteous and knowledgeable about the menu. Our waitress was very helpful in making recommendations as well.

Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore - Salad


Whether for lunch or dinner, we recommend enjoying a meal at Herbivore Restaurant.

2 thoughts on “Herbivore: Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

  1. Nutshanun

    Wow. I am Thai. Vegetarian. Can you sale the original of Sushimi that I want to make it by myself at home?

    1. Bounding Over Our Steps

      Hi Nutshanun,

      Sorry, but we don’t have any of the recipes of this food. If you ever travel to Singapore, we definitely recommend going to this restaurant though. Thank you for your comment as it’s nice to meet Thai vegetarians. 🙂

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