Happy in Toronto!!!

So Mindy and I have made it to Toronto and we’ve found an apartment on the 15th (top) floor with a great balcony with a wonderful view, esp at night.
Mindy started her new job today at CampBrain. (She’s the brain part. 🙂
I received word that the Canadian government has granted me permanent resident status. whewwwwww hooooooooooo!!! just a bit more paperwork and i can start looking for a job. yes!! and after three months, i can even get health care. what a treat that will be.
Mindy and I are growing tomatoes and herbs on our balcony. and toronto Pride was this past weekend and we had a great time.
Canadians are complaining about the “heat” and it only makes me scared of the winters. Everything is relative, so if this is considered hot, i can only imagine what cold must be.
ligeia 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy in Toronto!!!

  1. Julie & Family

    Hey…welcome back…..we are all glad to have you back and we are super excited that you found a place to live and that your citizenship has been approved. The summers aren’t that bad….I have been wearing a sweatshirt all week (although people have been looking at me like I am completely nuts). All the gossip about the winters are true….but you will have it easy in Toronto…..if you visit me in Barrie, you may need snowshoes because we had 6 foot tall snowbanks last year (and that was only a week of snow). Anyways, glad to hear that you are back and busy having fun…hope to see you guys sometime!!!

  2. Donna

    Congratulations Ligeia! Now you’re going to have to get a pair of black socks to wear with your sandals, just to make your Canadian residency official. All the paperwork in the world can’t do that.

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