Happy 31st Birthday Mindy

Today is Mindy’s birthday and here’s how she spent the day:

She awoke to Erick and Ligeia singing Happy Birthday to her, following by a pancake and scrambled egg breakfast.
She opened Erick’s gift of a tea kettle and a canister of loose leaf Earl Grey tea.
After Erick and Ligeia went to work, Mindy spent some of the day playing ice hockey on her video game. The Leafs won twice and lost twice.
Mindy received yellow flowers when Ligeia got home from work.
She opened Ligeia’s present of a blue chef’s hat with her name embroidered on it.
Later that evening Mindy did a little baking making vanilla wafer cookies.
Happy Birthday Mindy! I love you!
Ligeia 🙂

One thought on “Happy 31st Birthday Mindy

  1. Gillian

    I am loving your blog!!! Glad to hear that you had a great birthday that included hockey! 🙂 Hope this year is the best one yet.

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