Well, well, well… I must apologize for my premature idea of Tampa’s pirate-like mardi gras, Gasparilla. Ligeia and I went to the parade and had an absolutely wonderful time. The main premise of the parade is that all the people on the floats throw these plastic beads to the people watching the parade. It didn’t take long before the competitive side in me lifted its arms and tried to catch the flying, plastic necklaces. Trying to out-catch the drunk on our left and the 12-year-old girl on our right proved harder than you might think. The projection of a beaded necklace is nothing like a baseball!!! 🙂 The weather was perfect and we definitely couldn’t complain about the fact that the parade route was right on the bay… here are some pictures of our day!

Each parade float was called a “Krewe”, perhaps because of some old, pirate English… with that logic, I guess when I worked at Burger King, I was a lowly, krewe member, arrrrgh!

Here we are! I’m a pirate of the land… a good ol’ cowboy! 🙂

And just because this is the sign we see every, single day, I thought I’d let you enjoy it, too! On the other side, it says: “Coin Laundry – United We Stand”
what has it come to?

Anyhoo, enjoy your day and keep in touch!
Mindy 🙂

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