First Day in Langkawi

Raining in Langkawi, Malaysia

We awoke to rain, rain and more rain! It sounded and smelled beautiful as heavy drops hit every leaf of every tree and bush around us.

When the rain became a bit softer, we ventured out walking to find breakfast. Along the way we noticed this adorable kitty, who cried from starvation. She was also hungry for attention which we gave her plenty of and that’s when we noticed how skinny she was. Also the sky turned dark again and the wind picked up, blowing leaves around and making it hard for the kitty to stand in one place due to her small size.

Tugging at our heartstrings we simply could not continue walking without giving this kitty, that we think was no more than two weeks old, something to eat. The Happy Smart store next door had a can of tuna which the kitty frantically and quickly consumed. We had done our good deed for the day.

An interesting side note to this story is the act of buying the can of tuna. Mindy approached the cashier, and with the owners of the Happy Smart (mother and father) clearly engaged in some sort of discussion, their son, a young boy of maybe 5 or 6 years old and barely tall enough to see over the counter, grabbed the can, scanned it and in English, said “five ninety, please”. Somewhat shocked to hear perfect English from this youngster, Mindy handed over a 10 ringget bill. The boy took it, cashed out the register, quickly did the math in his head, and returned 4.10RM with a pleasant “Thank you!” before heading off into the back to continue playing whatever game Mindy had interrupted moments earlier.  Now that’s an example of effective home-schooling!

Once we realized that we would probably rather walk on the beach than we would on the sidewalk, we slipped between two guesthouses and onto to the beach. How beautiful.

We began discovering shells…of all kinds. This one still had an animal inside!

What a nice and relaxing day strolling along the beach and enjoying the sound of the waves, the smell of salt and the gorgeous scenery!

On our walk home, we stopped to check on the kitty from the morning. We found a 1/4 of the tuna missing from the can, but no sign of the feline! We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for her each time we pass the Happy Smart, though.

Not five minutes after we got back home did it start POURing again. What good timing!
Stay tuned for a recap of tomorrow’s adventures!
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

9 thoughts on “First Day in Langkawi

  1. Jeku

    Now we are here and Elwin is very flattered being world famous. Sitting here next door to the shop with the whole family and everyone says hello and wishing you welcome back to Langkawi.

    Ponny (mother)
    Hock (father)
    Celine (older sister)
    Edward (older brother)
    and Elwin

    Jeku and Tapsa (family also)
    from Finland

    1. Mindy & Ligeia

      Apa khabar Jeku,
      This is so awesome. We feel like we know you all now and it’s so easy to picture everyone hanging out next to the shop. We really enjoyed our time in Langkawi and when we go back we will simply HAVE to visit the shop again to meet everyone and to see what new math skills Elwin has learned. We hope you have a fantastic Langkawi visit. 🙂

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