Disappointing Dyke March, Toronto

We went to the annual Dyke March yesterday and it was quite disappointing. Due to the controversy over the censorship the Pride leaders tried to instill in the parade this year, many and I mean MANY groups didn’t attend. There also weren’t many supporters this year either. Given that this is my favorite part of pride, we were left unsatisfied and concerned for the future of this event. To give credit for those who DID come out, here are some pictures. As most know, any proper gay pride event begins with Dykes on Bikes:

This is my favorite group to see in the parade. They have been through hardships that lesbians of today (hopefully) will never know and they have paved the way for us to live openly. I am forever grateful:

There was a large group of lesbian teachers that came out to march…

…and other teachers who are working hard to ensure that everyone feels safe in the classroom. Fantastic!

We hope everyone is enjoying Pride,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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