Apples and Pumpkins and Corn Oh My!

Hello everyone, Mindy and Ligeia went to London, Ontario to visit Jewel and Joel. The weather was fantastic so we went apple picking.

Look at all the beautiful apples.

Mindy, Joel and Jewel picking and eating apples.

We also went in a cornfield maze.

Luckily we found our way out again. πŸ™‚

Mindy also got a new SLR digital camera and she really loved learning how to use it.
On the way back from London, we stopped in Dundas and walked a bit of the Bruce Trail.
Here are some shots from that:

The leaves were so beautiful!

And there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

We found a very lovely waterfall. (can’t remember the name.)

We hope everyone else is somehow enjoying the beautiful Fall colo(u)rs. πŸ™‚
Lots of love and extra thanks to Jewel and Joel for hosting us,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

One thought on “Apples and Pumpkins and Corn Oh My!

  1. Jewel & Joel

    Beautiful pics, ladies!!! I can’t wait to see the rest. We miss you and we can’t wait till your next visit!!!

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