American Thanksgiving in Maine

Hello everyone,
Mindy and Ligeia drove to Lake Embden in Northern Maine for Thanksgiving to visit Ligeia’s grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin. It was a wonderful time and we took lots of pictures.

We took a short hike shortly after we arrived.

And we made it to the top of the hill: Steve, Elspeth, Beth and Ligeia

We watched a beautiful sunset on Thanksgiving evening, just before dinner.

It started to snow the next morning.

So Mindy and Ligeia made a snow woman and named her Blanche.

Saturday we got up early and drove to Montreal. It was a beautiful day with snow sparkling on the trees.

And we drove through some breathtaking small towns, like Kirkfield, on the way back to Canada.

In Montreal we visited with Mindy’s cousin Marni and went to the Biodome where we found a new friend.
We had a great time and look forward to the next time we go.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

2 thoughts on “American Thanksgiving in Maine

  1. Julie

    Hey there, I just love the pictures you took in Maine…and my sister would have loved to have gone with you, but only because its where Stephen King lives lol.

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