Advantages of Traveling as a Lesbian Couple

Advantages of traveling as a lesbian couple

As we go about our day-to-day lives, we are often reminded of how we are, as lesbians, in a very small minority among the global population. Research polls suggest that only about 5% of all women identify as lesbian, and that figure doesn’t change when traveling. In a sea of straight couples on their journeys, we’ve discovered that there are actually some distinct advantages we have traveling as a lesbian couple.


Women-Only Train Cars in Kuala Lumpur

Women-Only Train Cars in Kuala Lumpur

We were in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on a platform at the train station waiting for our train to the Batu Caves. When the train pulled up, we noticed one of its cars was decorated in bright pink, and upon further inspection, realized that it was designated for women only.

Comparing the loud, cramped quarters of the mixed-gender train cars, it was a no-brainer for us to opt for the quiet and comfortable space of the female only car. The stress of not being able to sit together or the worry of a seat facing the opposite direction of travel and the motion-sickness havoc that would wreak, dissipated immediately.

Advantages for Lesbian Travel - Strictly for Ladies

MEN are not allowed

Sleeper Buses

It’s not often that 14 hours on an overnight bus is considered an option, when the alternative of flying the same distance would take about a tenth of the time. The prospect of sharing a bed on a sleeper bus AND that it was much cheaper made the decision a more difficult one, as on our trip to the Philippines, our itinerary was extremely time-limited.

On this particular occasion, we took the flight. However, we look forward to the next opportunity to travel overland and enjoy sharing an actual mattress on an overnight bus. These buses allow two people on each mattress, but to avoid sexual misconduct and molestation, they have a strict rule that mattresses must be shared by two people of the same sex. Lesbian win!

Security Lines

At the airport in Kathmandu, Nepal, the advantage of traveling as a lesbian couple was two-fold. First, there are separate security lines for men and women, and when we saw how the vast majority of travelers were men, we were happy to breeze right through. Second, once we passed through the metal detector and picked up our carry-on luggage from the x-ray belt, we didn’t have to wait for our male travel companions, like so many of the other women travelers.

With huge smiles and a jump in our step, we gave each other a big high five, and proceeded to our gate to await our flight to south-eastern China.


There are times when we travel that it is vital to arrange or re-arrange items in our bags, or safely separate the money we just received from an exchange booth. It’s obvious that we don’t want anyone to know exactly where we keep our valuables, so as a lesbian couple we go to the one place we’re guaranteed to have privacy: a stall in a women’s restroom.

Advantage for traveling lesbian couples - Privacy in a bathroom

Bathrooms in the Al Khatem desert, United Arab Emirates

We can take all the time we need. Perhaps we’ll discuss how much we’re willing to pay for a taxi, or what area of the city we need to go. It’s the perfect place to talk, and not have the target on our backs exclaiming, “Hey! We’re tourists!”


Enjoying the Turkish Bath

Enjoying the Turkish Bath

We have been lucky enough to enjoy some luxurious spaΒ experiences on our travels around the world. Two of these stand out as being advantageous for lesbian couples. They were in Baden-Baden, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey. In both of these places, we witnessed several straight couples saying goodbye to each other in the lobby saying, “Have a good time.”

We, on the other hand, got to enjoy each and every moment together, turning an average spa experience into a romantic one.

Can you think of other advantages of traveling as a lesbian couple?

Lesbian couple makes it to Everest!

Lesbian couple makes it to Everest!

16 thoughts on “Advantages of Traveling as a Lesbian Couple

  1. Allen


    Although Iran banned ice skating after the 79 revolution, it is now legal and they have a nice big rink for the public, also used for olympic training, including figure skating. But men and women cannot be on the rink at the same time. So no couples skating possible, unless you are a gay couple! Remember next time in Iran you two can go ice skating together!

    1. Mindy & Ligeia

      Hi Diana,
      That’s true that some of these advantages (like the security lines and the lady-only cars) could be beneficial for female friends traveling together as well. Still, the overnight buses would be much more enjoyable with a sweetheart to snuggle up with. πŸ™‚

  2. Giselle and Cody

    Ha! Great blog you two! And by the way you two are Adorable in your towels! We can’t think of any other advantages at the moment, but how lucky are we all to be living in this age. So happy that you you both found each other and can freely share your lives together! XO

  3. Cat

    Hi Mindy and Ligeia,

    Great to read your stories! Catch up soon…Leaving Heatrow London airport now…Back to Chiang Mai! Cat

  4. Mei & Kerstin

    Oh you are sooo right about the bathrooms! πŸ˜€ We both love going out without carrying a bag. So sometimes we only carry one bag and each of us carry it for a while. Once a friend of us wondered what we would do if we needed something while being in the bathroom. That question really surprised us… we had never thought about this “problem” since we always go to same-sex toilets! πŸ˜€

  5. Jen of

    Another advantage of traveling as a lesbian couple – Japanese onsens (public baths)! They are separated according to sex, many of them are quite relaxing and luxurious and everybody is nude. No problem being naked in front of your spouse (or girlfriend)! It’s especially nice when you have the entire place to yourself – romantic!

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