Vegan in Slovenia - Ljubljana Dragon Bridge

Vegan in Slovenia

Walking around Ljubljana’s Old Town, I looked liked a tourist and I didn’t care. With my vegan spinach borek from Back Werk bakery in hand, I marveled at the variety of architecture, reveled in all the dragons and enjoyed navigating the cobble stones in the pedestrian city. Already won over by my newest visited country, […]

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Traveling In and Out of the Closet

When traveling, the topic of being “out of the closet” comes into play again and again with each new country we visit. Regardless of where homosexuality lies on a country’s legal scale, we often find this doesn’t give an indication of how locals will react. So, we simply have to trust our gut when choosing […]

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Buddha Statue at Wat in Chiang Mai

First Impressions of Chiang Mai

First, here is some general information about Thailand: The Thais believe that the country is shaped like an elephant’s head. Do you agree? If you’re having trouble, try to imagine the elephant’s head from the side. In this case the elephant is facing left. Can you see the trunk? Can you see the big floppy […]

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