We have babies!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, Mindy and Ligeia went to a bearded dragon breeder this evening and fell in love with two adorable dragons. They were hatched on May 9th, 2008 and they are both females. We were told that two females in a cage do well together but not a male and a female. Of course we understood that immediately. 😉

So we adopted Mosel (see picture below):

And here is a picture of Rhein:

The names Mosel and Rhein are the names of 2 rivers in Southern Germany, where Mindy and Ligeia spent a very fun week together working at an English camp for kids.

Lots of love,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

2 thoughts on “We have babies!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    hey darlings…I love your new babies…Can I be an aunt? and I will bring them lots of ummm candy? No scratch that…baby dragon treats? and get them all hyper lol. Miss you both. Loves Nath

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