Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

Red Telephone Booths in Edinburgh Scottland

Hello everyone,

Ligeia went to Scotland for a week, where she spent most of her time in Edinburgh, but also enjoyed Glasgow and a wee bit of the highlands. Here are some pics to document her journey:

This is on High Street (the Royal Mile) in Edinburgh. You are supposed to and even encouraged to spit on this heart as you pass by as a sign that you don’t like paying taxes. As this was explained to me, I witnessed someone walk by and do just that.

A beautiful tree on top of Carlton Hill, Edinburgh.

I found this extremely helpful. I guess they got sick of almost running over tourists.

This is the Dounce Castle, which was made famous by Monty Python.

This is the Sir Walter Scott memorial in Edinburgh. You can also see that the ferris wheel is going up for the Winter festival. They put the chairs in the next day. 🙂
Silhouette of church in Edinburgh, Scotland

Loch Lubnik in the lower Highlands.

Taken inside the Rosslyn Chapel.
Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland

In the town of Killin.

This is known as the ugliest building in all of Scotland and for good reason.

Really cool church doors in Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Castle at one end of the Royal Mile.

I made it up Arthur’s Seat….I mean up to Arthur’s Seat.

I found Scotland to be a gorgeous country full of very friendly people, who talk kinda funny. 😉
I hope to go back with Mindy the next time.

Feel free to post a comment. I love reading those.

Ligeia 🙂

5 thoughts on “Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Jason

    The Scott Memorial is also known as the “Gothic Rocket,” for obvious reasons. Been there several times; one of my favorite places. Glad you could go.

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