Summer means SOFTBALL!

Hey Everyone,

This past Sunday, as like many other Sundays this summer, Ligeia and I played softball with our team. Our team name, for those interested, is (VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED)…

Snatch ‘n Catch. And, no, Ligeia and I had nothing to do with this!

Our game this weekend was part of the Spirit Games, so we got more points if we dressed up in costumes, had lots of fans and executed amazing plays. Since our original opponent lost by default (they didn’t have enough players – not too spirited, huh?), we played a game “just for fun”. Ligeia and I were placed on opposite teams, and the rivalry was fierce!

Watch out, Ligeia! This train ain’t stopping!


Ligeia’s first time playing 3rd base, and already nominated for a gold-glove award!

Overall, the weather was great and the spirit was high! Hopefully, our opponent next week won’t be afraid of us and enough of their players will show up, and we can have a healthy competition.

This week’s game: 10am at Riverdale West park. Come on out and cheer us on!

Lots of love,
Mindy and Ligeia 🙂 🙂

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