Our Norway Trip

Kayaking in Fjord in Brekkesto, Norway

Hey Everyone!

Well, our 12 day vacation in gorgeous Norway came and went in the blink of an eye. It was definitely an amazing trip, and the pictures prove it!

Ligeia kayaking at sunset in the fjord at Leonora’s family cottage.

The village of Hå (pronounced “hoe”) on the southwestern coast.

In the village of Hå, we walked through a viking graveyard from around the 5th century! It was a really eerie experience, and the fact that we walked through a field with grazing cows made it all the more interesting!

One of the many rainbows we saw while in Andenes, a town in the northern tip of Lofoten. Lofoten is an archipelago off the western coast above the Arctic Circle. It was cold, and rainy, but we have TONS of beautiful pictures just like this one!

The town of Andenes, as seen from our whale watching boat.

The best shot we got of a sperm whale’s fluke. Although, this was an awesome experience, I don’t quite have my sea legs, and unfortunately was seasick the entire time.

Just outside of Svolvær, in Lofoten, dusk lasts forever and this picture captures the beginning of what’s known as the “Blue Hour”.

In Svolvær, we hiked up 700 metres, through rain, sleet and yes, even SNOW! Guess that’s normal August weather, because Ligeia and I were the only ones astonished by snow at that time.

Ligeia and her new Norwegian friend. They’re all over the place. You need to be careful while driving because they like to throw big boulders at your cars!!! 🙂

If you want to see more pictures, let us know! We have LOTS of fantastic shots!

Lots of love,
Mindy and Ligeia 🙂 🙂

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