Orioles vs. Blue Jays!

Mindy and I went to the game with our friends Tomoko and Takeshi.

Takeshi and I made a deal that whoever lost had to put a losing picture on the blog.

Before I say what happened I first wanted to pay tribute to Brian Roberts, who was playing his 1000th game and it’s awesome that I was there for that.
The O’s (Adam Jones) scored a run in the first inning. Then it was the B-Jays leading for awhile, until the O’s tied it up. We were tied for many many innings (3-3). Until in the 10th inning the O’s score a run. (4-3) In the bottom of the 10th, Hill hits a home run to tie it (4-4). In the bottom of the 11th, the BJ’s won it (5-4).
So as per our agreement, here is my losing face on the blog:

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