Happy Birthday, Mindy!

Hey Everyone,

This past weekend, Mindy celebrated her 27th birthday!

Friday afternoon, the festivities began with a trip to Laser Quest. Ligeia rocked, with her overwhelming victory over Bill, Jewel and the birthday girl. It was a fantastic first round, as the 4 of us were the only ones in the maze! The second round, however, saw us battle turf with 9 year old boys who knew the maze inside and out, so we stood no chance! Sadly, there are no pictures of this, as we all had to get into soldier-mode, and we all know, soldiers don’t take pictures in the middle of battle!

Saturday was family day, with lunch at East Side Mario’s (hey budda boom, budda bing!) with Mindy’s mom and brother.

After an afternoon break, the celebrations continued with dinner at a nice Thai place with her Dad, Trixie and brother again. So much food… oy!

Saturday evening, we went skating at City Hall and watched fireworks. Sadly, the camera wasn’t turning on (we discovered as soon as we got home that the battery cover wasn’t fully closed!), so we couldn’t document the evening fun in pictures. Here how the fireworks sounded, though: “oooooooh”…. “awwwwww”… Beautiful, eh?

The next time we post, there’ll be pictures of our trip to Florida, as we’re happily escaping the cold, Toronto winter for 11 days. Yay!!!

Lots of love,
Mindy and Ligeia 🙂 🙂

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Mindy!

  1. Julie

    Happy B-day Mindy….and have an awesome time in Florida…somehow I will live there one day…not sure how…but I can’t live where there is snow anymore!!

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