Ligeia’s Landing Date Anniversary

On July 6th, Ligeia celebrated a very important anniversary. It had been one year since she became a landed immigrant.
We celebrated with a little party at a friend’s house, which included very yummy Canadian food, like Poutine (with onion gravy) and fresh Ontario strawberries. Everything was decorated in red and white.
The following pictures are of Ligeia during the past year in Canada, by season:
Last Summer: Ligeia teaching English to refugees at the Salvation Army.
Fall: Ligeia on the Bruce Trail
Winter: Ligeia trying her best to keep warm.
Spring: at a baseball game with her baby.
Thanks for sharing in my celebration by visiting the blog.
Lots of love,
Ligeia 🙂

6 thoughts on “Ligeia’s Landing Date Anniversary

  1. Julie

    Congrats on remaining Canadian eh? Most of my family ran away to live in other countries…glad to see you could sruvive the harsh climate…love the baseball pic…its really cute!

  2. Erica

    Sweetie, you are both looking HAWT!! And congratulations on the anniversary! I’m still on the immigration long-haul, but it’s all plugging along…

    I also see you guys are crossing the pond at the end of the summer — any chance of a layover in sunny Scotland…? 😉

  3. Leonora

    congrats – maybe you too are born with that little gene which let you forget every single summer that there is a long, cold and dark winter coming up – that is how we survive 😉

  4. Anonymous

    Hey L & M-

    It’s always good to see what you two are up too… It looks like Canada is just amazing as MT!

    I wish you two a wonderful trip tp Norway and I am so jealous b/c I’ve always wanted to go:-)

    love, Christina
    p.s. check your email

  5. Heather

    Congrats, though I miss you here in the ole U.S.A. You all have a wonderful time in Norway. I’m not too jealous, I’m going to New Zealand in October 🙂 Go O’s!!

  6. Coopie

    Hey you two… I finally got a chance to take a (long overdue) look at the blog today. Looks great. Sounds great. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing! Keep the news coming…
    Ciao belli,
    – Coopie

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